Journey to China

One of the four oldest civilizations in the world, has a written history of 4,000 years and boasts rich cultural relics and historical sites. It is the inventor of compass, paper, gunpowder and printing. The Great Wall, the Grand Canal and the Karez irrigation systems are three great ancient engineering projects built 2,000 years ago. Now they are the symbols of the rich culture heritage of the Chinese nation. China has gone over a long history of primitive society, slavery society, feudal society and semi-feudal semi-colonial society and the present socialist society.

China, a combination of the ancient and modern, appeals to the whole world with its unique charms. Its territory of 9.6 million square kilometers boasts both natural and cultural miracles, such as Mount Tai, Mount Huang, Yangtze River, Yellow River…the Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and Horses, to name but a few. All of them catch attention from every corner of the world.

China offers travellers an unbelievable array of experiences, from the ancient to the ultra modern, from the familiar to the exotic and from Hong Kong to Shanghai, one international event leads to another.

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