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Meet Sanja Torrence

Sanja Torrence

Sanja Torrence

I was lucky to be born and raised in one of the most beautiful travel destinations in Europe. Croatia is my home land. I started my travel journey in high school while taking care of travel arrangements for my class. In college I worked on occasion as a city tour guide while living on the Adriatic Coast. My travel took me all over Europe, Canada and eventually I settled in United States.

I have been in the travel industry for almost 20 years and the last 12 years I have been working in Wenatchee. I enjoy meeting clients and transforming their dreams and visions to the best matching travel experiences. I have assisted with many World Voyages, cruise vacations, expeditions’ trips, family vacations and independent travel to Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand and South Africa.

My own travel trips have taken me all over the World, however my travel bucket list is still long. Every trip I took was a memorable one and I feel privileged and blessed to learn about many different cultures.

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